PHARP provides trainings for church and community leaders on the topics of conflict transformation, trauma counseling, justice, reconciliation,leadership, HIV/AIDS prevention, the development of (...).Read More

Women activities

As a consequence of 1994 genocide, thousands of women are widows while the husbands of some other women are in prison. There is hate and mistrust between women of different ethnic groups in the (...).Read More

Youth activities

PHARP believes it is critical to work with the youth of Rwanda as over 60% of the population is under 20 years old and is the hope for building a future of peace. Youth who have been trained (...).Read More

Genocide survivors and the perpetrators

PHARP believes that dialogue between Genocide survivors and the perpetrators produce confession and forgiveness and therefore there is reconciliation and peaceful coexistence. The program brings (...).Read More

HIV/ AIDS groups

PHARP encourages people living with HIV/AIDS to build hope by working together in mutual support groups. PHARP provides them with training and supports their self-help initiatives. These (...).Read More

Caring for children

Thousands of Rwandan children are orphans due to Genocide, HIV/AIDS, and many of them are forced to live and work on the street. PHARP has created an activity that targets their physical and (...).Read More

Religious leaders

Many religious leaders in Rwanda have been facing the dilemma of having both the Genocide survivors and perpetrators in their congregations. They need assistance and support to remain neutral and (...).Read More