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" Love gives hope, and hope in turn, gives energy."

Many Rwandans think that people living with HIV/AIDS are physically weak and cannot perform any strenuous activities,
such as tilling a garden, and lifting or carrying heavy things.
A group of people living with HIV/AIDS in Gicumbi who are helped by PHARP has proven this mindset wrong.
On October 29th 2013, I worked with them as they were preparing to plant Irish potatoes in their shared garden.
The garden was provided by Open Home Foundation International for the group to host a piggery and a biodisgester project.
In the meantime, the group has decided to grow Irish potatoes.
They took up their hoes and tilled the land themselves, dispelling the assumption that they would hire paid workers.
Because the garden is large, it took several days to finish tilling, yet the group labored tirelessly and with energy, until they were done.
I asked them where they got all this energy from, because I was myself doubtful of their ability to till the land themselves.
Mukeshimana Anastasie replied, ‘Urukundo rutera ibyiringiro, nabyo bigatera imbaraga,” which translates : “Love gives hope, and hope in turn gives energy”.
She said that the love that PHARP and Open Home Foundation have shown them has given them the hope and courage to move on with life.
Many thanks to Open Home Foundation International for giving love that gives hope to the hopeless.
Pastor Anastase Rugirangoga