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" Strengthening relationships in Mahoko Community."

Mahoko community is located, in Rubavu District, Western Province, about 160kms away from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.
On request by people from this community, PHARP started working with them in 2014,
to facilitate forgiveness, healing and reconciliation as this area has much suffered during the 1994 genocide.
PHARP works with a group of 50 people including survivors of the genocide against Tutsi and the perpetrators who together vowed to be ‘ light and salt ‘ for their community.
‘ I don’t know why my healing had to wait all this years ‘
This is a statement of one lady after opening up her heart and talking to her neighbor she hated and against whom she had been trying to seek revenge ; but she said that she felt a big relief after their meeting and talking to each other, an event she said was the start of her healing process.
This happened during a meeting facilitated by PHARP in January 2015.
PHARP has provided pigs and a piece of land to this community to help them grow together and strengthen their relationship as the first beneficiaries of pigs pass on new born piglets to other community members ; and through cultivating the garden together and sharing the produce.
One of them said ‘ Iyo Imana ikinguye ntawukinga’ When God has opened no one can close’
Pastor Anastase Rugirangoga