Successful stories.

" From a piglet to a cow."

Vestine Uwiragiye is a member of a group of people living with HIV and helped by PHARP in Gicumbi (Northern Province).
She has three children born from an illegal marriage.
Her husband abandoned her when she was physically week,
In 2009 when she join the group, her life conditions were very critical.
She didn’t have enough food, no good house, she couldn’t pay her community based health insurance.
She looked helpless and hopeless.
Having joined the group of People leaving with HIV, she received pastoral visitation and counseling as well as moral support from the group, and she began to regain hope .
When PHARP provided the group with piglets she was among the first beneficiaries .
She was very happy to receive the piglet.
She cared for it as if it was a human child.
The pig grew up and gave birth to 10 piglets.
She passed on 3 to other members of the group, according to the agreement, as this is a revolving project.
She sold the remaining 7 plus the mother receiving 140000 Rwanda francs.
From this money, Vestine bought a cow and began to have enough fertilizer for her garden and to produce beans, carrots, egg plants, onions and much of green vegetables.
Her health and the health of her children began to be good.
The cow gave a bull-calf. Vestine and he children began to drink milk.
When the bull had grown up, she sold it and bought iron sheets and renovated her house.
Today, Vestine is a different person from who she was in 2009 and before.
Though she lives with HIV, no body can read it from her face.
She is not helpless nor hopeless; she is self-reliant.
She has a house, a cow, and a garden.
She feeds her children, pays their school fees.
She pays her family’s health insurance and she has big hope that her days will be prolonged to see her children being able to fend for themselves.
She is very thankful to PHARP and the friends of PHARP for being a channel of God’s blessing to her and her children.

Pastor Anastase Rugirangoga
Country Director of PHARP-RWANDA